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Some folks know me as a cellist, coffee aficionado,
fountain pen user, fishing enthusiast, social media junkie,
wife of golf addict, ENFP or supporter of KenyaRelief.org.
In print,though, I'm best known as a travel writer.

Most of my travel stories are anchored with profiles of people whose own passion, strong character or unique abilities
add distinction to the places they live and work.

Nearly 500 of these destination-based articles have found their way into newspapers, magazines and web sites - either because editors like to hear my Southern drawl or because they're curious about a cellist who also likes to fish!
  • Interests:
  • culinary arts
  • social media
  • soft adventure
  • boomers
  • fine arts
  • fishing
  • golf and spa destinations
  • history
  • live music
  • meditation
  • travel
  • wellness


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